Random Broadcast of Skid Resistant Media


 White Aluminum Oxide

If it's white aluminum oxide above, the most common colored mineral used for random or full skid resistance,


Black Aluminum Oxide

or black aluminum oxide, or perhaps 


 Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide

brown aluminum oxide a close second or third in popularity for broadcasting into resinous floors and concrete for skid resistant surfaces, there is no better way to achieve an even pattern than with the BroadcastPro6.

There are several settings on the machine to control the flow and limit the amount of broadcast media being ejected from the hopper.  More info available upon request.  

 Pink Aluminum Oxide 

Most are unaware of the color options available in aluminum oxide.  


Purple Aluminum Oxide 


 Green Aluminum Oxide 


Blue Aluminum Oxide 


Blend of White, Black, Green, Purple Aluminum Oxide


Green & Black Aluminum Oxide 

As a stand alone full broadcasts, for an extremely high wear resistant finished floor or dumpster pad with a colored finish or, as an accent random skid resistant broadcast, you won't find a better longer lasting skid resistant floor than these, and the BroadcastPro6 machine is well suited for broadcasting these minerals.